January 3rd, 2011

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Hello, again! / Happy New Year! / Harmony to all!

First of all, happy new year, guys!!! I hope you have a wonderful 2011, and I wish you all have lots of love and health and success in everything you do. Thanks for being around even when I haven't for a lot of time.

Second, I'm really really sorry for the lack of updates. I've been having a lot of work and I'm really happy for it, but that means that I had less time to make layouts and pretty stuff for all of you. Maybe you don't remember, but a looot of time ago (in August ha!) I made a request post and I want you to know that I'm working on them. I already have the first layout finished, so we'll be back in schedule someday this week (and by schedule I mean a layout every two weeks or less. I hope!)

In the meantime, I'll do something new here. Back in December was the birthday of two of my favourite shipmates in the world (I'm a H/Hr shipper in the HP verse, if you want to know). I didn't have the time to say Happy Birthday because I'm that kind of bad person D: but this is a little present to them. And to all my shipmates, because we need to preserve Harmony in our lives. :)

To aradira and to sky_hermione. Feliz cumpleaños. Muy tarde y todo, pero saben que las quiero mucho. :)

(Warning: It's a picspam. Not that big, but maybe. Just so you know.)

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