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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm always happy to help you to install your layout or with any doubt you have regarding livejournal or about this comm. Unfortunately, sometimes I don't have the time to answer every question you guys make. So, I decided to make this FAQ. I hope you find it useful, and I hope that it covers all the possible questions that you have. If, after reading it you still have problems or questions, leave me a comment, not here but in the layout entry so I can help you in an easy way. Write something in the beginning like: "Your FAQ doesn't help me", and I'll try to answer you asap.
Please, be specific with your question. English is not my first language and sometimes it's hard to understand some of your 10-word comments.

About the community
Layout customization

How do I credit you?

Add a link back to mentahelada in your sidebar, userinfo, FO entry... wherever you want.

But please, don't credit mintyapple. I've seen a lot of my layouts with links back to that pretty community.
By the way. Thanks a lot for the credit. :D
I want to be a member of mentahelada, can I join the community?

Don't worry, you don't need to be a member of mentahelada to see the entries: all of them are public. Besides, I'm the only member of the comm. You can friend/watch it for updates, though. In fact, I'll love if you do it. :)
Can I add a header?

Sure you can! In fact, I add the instructions to do it in the entries of the layouts in which is easy to add one. If there are no instructions at all, then it is a little bit more complicated to add it (but not impossible, of course) and I can't help you to do it.
Can I change the color scheme/font/header/background...?

You can make all the changes that you want, but please, keep the header of the CSS and still credit me in a visible way.
User/community icons are not displaying properly in layout ##

LiveJournal is constantly making changes to the usericons (or maybe is not that constant but I don't like it); I posted about it a long time ago. I used to make a periodical revision of all my layouts to fix this little things, but now that I have over 30, I can't do it anymore. So, to fix all the icon problems that you can have, get rid of all the code under the /*****LJ-USER / COMMUNITY / PROTECTED ICONS*****/ flag and use the LJ Tiny icon generator by Malionette to make shiny new code.
If it's easier for you, use this code (with your own urls, of course):
My layout has some weird colors/is not displaying properly/looks kind of different from your live preview

Please check that you are selecting the correct style, that you are selecting "No" in all the dropdowns of the "Customize journal Style" page and, if you are using a Minimalism layout, you need to select the specific theme that the instructions said (I normally use "Travel Affar".)
Ads break my layout. What can I do?

I try really hard to make that all my layouts work as best as possible with ads but sometimes they look weird and we can't do much about it. Try to change the display position of them (in the Choose a Page Setup section of the Select Journal Style page), or use some ad-block thing.
I've followed all your rules and the images look out of place. What am I doing wrong?

If you are using Photobucket, then maybe it is resizing your images (making them smaller). Check out your PB preferences to change this.
Layout ## looks weird in my Internet Explorer 6

I don't test my layouts anymore in IE6. The last one was layout #7, I think, so i don't know how they look in that browser. Please, if possible, update to IE8. Or try something different as Firefox, Opera or Safari.
Can you make me a layout?

No. I'm really sorry about it.
Can I study your stylesheet?

Yeah! Go ahead and learn with my messy CSS.
Can I use your CSS as a base for a new layout?

Yes indeed you can. But please, keep the CSS header.
About my Minimalism CSS, I just want to let you know that I made it from scratch and it is possible that you'll find some missing or non styled things.
Can you help me in a professional design project?

(Ok, I don't get this one frequently but still)
Of course! I'm a freelance graphic/web designer so, if you want me to make you something pretty, send me an email: contacto@faniamartinez.com. Maybe we can work together.
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