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056 - Layout 33 [Smooth Sailing: Love You To Pieces]

Hello guys! Here's a new layout. With a topbar. I just discovered that I don't like topbar layouts, because the instructions to install them are more detailed than my average instructions and because it's a pain to make them work in multiple browsers. Also, I changed mentahelada's layout and I discovered too that I don't like Minimalism. It's weird and tricky and the sidebar is not as flexible as the Smooth Sailing one. But hey, this is just me being annoying go ahead and check the new one (the topbar one and the mentahelada's new one), and let me know what you think. :)

Live preview | Image Preview

Live preview | Image preview

Live preview | Image Preview


  • Style: Smooth Sailing
  • Account level: Basic, Paid, Plus
  • Tested on: IE (7 and higher), Firefox, Safari and Chrome.


Please upload the images to your own server. Thanks.
Icons: Splashyfish
Dark background: loveicon
Light background: ownthesunshine
Dark background: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout033/bg-body2.jpg
Light background: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout033/bg-body4.png
User, community, locked/protected icons:

Pride & Prejudice icon in the live preview made by me. Find it here.


  1. Choose a Smooth Sailing layout
  2. Under "3. Choose a Page Setup" choose "2 Column (sidebar on left)" and apply the layout
  3. Go to the customize main page and, under "Additional Options", choose "no" in "Wrap Entry text under userinfo" line. Save
  4. Go to the Custom CSS page
  5. Select NO in the dropdowns
  6. Leave "Custom External Stylesheet" empty
  7. Paste the CSS that I give you in the "Custom Stylesheet" box. Save your changes.
  • Make changes if you know how (but still credit me!)
  • Ask if you have doubts, I'll try to answer asap

Important notes:

  • The sidebar boxes on the preview look that tidy because there are neither too many entries in the summary nor lots of links. If you have a lot of stuff in your boxes, you'll have a scrollbar that looks better in the light version. :)
  • Don't use more than 4 boxes on your sidebar!
  • Your journal title is too large or you just don't like (as I do :D) the enormous font size that I choose? Find this part of the code:

    font-family:Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
    padding:60px 20px 0;

    And play around with the "font-size". If you don't feel comfortable using ems, switch to pixels and everything should be fine.


  • Credit mentahelada if you use. Please don't credit mintyapple, please change the credit you have in your userinfo. Thanks!
  • Comment if you like / if you take
Tags: ! announcements, layouts, layouts:smooth sailing, layouts:topbar

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