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039 - Layout 018 [Minimalism: Let's Go Where We Never Go]

A very pink new layout. Enjoy! :D

Live preview | Image Preview

2009-03-28: Fixed some sidebar bugs. CSS more compressed. Fixed some entry-links bugs.
2009-07-17: Fixing the username that appeared in the header since Minimalism doesn't use anymore the .vcard class


  • Style: Minimalism
  • Account level: Basic, Paid, Plus
  • Tested on: IE (7 and higher), Firefox Safari and Chrome. It is a little buggy in FF2. But it works.


Please upload the images to your own server. Thanks.
Pretty vector used in header by Dryicons
User, community, lock icons: Splashyfish
Entry links: Sweetie
Body background: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/bg-body.jpg
Header: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/bg-header.png

Entry background: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/bg-entry.jpg
Entry links background: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/bg-entrylinks.jpg
Blockquote: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/bg-quote.jpg
Unordered list item: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/bullet.png
Add (entry links): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-add.png
Comments (entry links): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-comment.png
Edit (entry inks): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-edit.png
Edit tags (entry links): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-edittag.png
Flag entry entry links): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-flag.png
Memories (entry liinks): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-mems.png
Tags (on entry): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-tags.png
Tell a friend (entry links): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-tell.png
Track (entry links): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-track.png
No track (entry links): http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/entry-notrack.png

Header add: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-add.png
Header add hover: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-add-hover.png
Header archive: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-archive.png
Header archive hover: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-archive-hover.png
Header friends: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-friends.png
Header friends hover: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-friends-hover.png
Header userinfo: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-info.png
Header userinfo hover: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-info-hover.png
Header recent entries: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-recent.png
Header recent entries hover: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-recent-hover.png
Header RSS: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-rss.png
Header RSS hover: http://www.mentahelada.net/lj-layouts/layout018/head-rss-hover.png
User, community, locked/protected icons:
Carlisle icon in the preview made by me. Find it here.


  1. Go to Select Journal Style and search for Travel Afar. Apply the theme.
  2. Go to Customize Journal Style
  3. Select NO in the dropdowns
  4. Leave "Custom External Stylesheet URL" empty
  5. Paste the CSS that I give you in the "Custom Stylesheet" box
  6. Save.
  • NOTE: This layout doesn't show the navigation strip. I disabled it via CSS.


  • Credit mentahelada if you use. Please don't credit mintyapple, please change the credit you have in your userinfo. Thanks!
  • Comment if you like / if you take
Tags: layouts, layouts:minimalism

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