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059 - Layout 036 [Smooth Sailing: Abandon All Hope]
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yam wrote in mentahelada

Hello! This is not a new layout, I've been using it for over a year now and I love it because it's simple and easy to read. Anyway, I hope you like it. :)

Live preview | Image Preview


  • Style: Smooth Sailing
  • Account level: Basic, Paid and Plus. For some reason I can't change the ad placement to vertical or between entries and I think this is a constant problem. Keep it in mind if you are a Plus user! (or if you are viewing your journal logged out.)
  • Tested on: IE (8 and higher), Firefox, Safari and Chrome.


Please upload the images to your own server. Thanks.
Icons: Pinvoke
Background pattern: C130
Content background:

User, community, locked/protected icons:

Pride & Prejudice icon in the live preview made by me. Find it here.


  1. Choose a Smooth Sailing layout
  2. Under "3. Choose a Page Setup" choose "2 Column (sidebar on left)" and apply the layout
  3. Go to the customize main page and, under "Additional Options", choose "no" in "Wrap Entry text under userinfo" line. Save
  4. Go to the Custom CSS page
  5. Select NO in the dropdowns
  6. Leave "Custom External Stylesheet" empty
  7. Paste the CSS that I give you in the "Custom Stylesheet" box. Save your changes.
  • Make changes if you know how (but still credit me!)
  • Ask if you have doubts, I'll try to answer asap


Easy. Find this part of the code:
.pageheaderblock {
background:#000 url( bottom center no-repeat;
border-bottom:1px solid #ccc;
margin:0 auto;

And change the url to your own. The image must be 240px tall (and whatever-you-want wide) to fit the layout without making major changes to the code. If the header's height is different, change the height:295px; line to fit your needs.


  • Credit mentahelada if you use. Please don't credit mintyapple, please change the credit you have in your userinfo. Thanks!
  • Comment if you like / if you take

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Love this! Using it now :)

using it as well. it's so pretty.

will be using, thanks XD

This is beautiful Yam!

This is FANTASTIC and I'm using it now with my own banner. Thank you!

wonderful lay-out i'm definitely going to use it

J'adore ton layout ! Je le gardais pour l'automne...
C'est chose faite même si je n'aime pas le header que j'ai fait. Je le changerai.
Merci beaucoup pour ce travail et toutes tes explications très précises.

adding to memories.

Hey, I was using this layout on a comm, and funky things started happening with the comments. After a certain number, they just flow over to the right of the page and the text is hidden. Any idea why that might be happening? I've tried to fix it in the CSS but it's not working.

I can show you an example thread if you like.

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