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058 - Layout 35 [Smooth Sailing: A Thing Called Spring]
GG: Rory/Jess OTP
yam wrote in mentahelada

I'm really, really sorry about all this time without updates. My grandpa passed away at the end of January and it's been really hard to me these past months. But I'm better now and I started again doing lj layouts, yay! So, this is the second layout from the request post I made... last year D:
3kame asked for a turtley layout and here it is. I hope all of you like it. :)

Live preview | Image Preview


  • Style: Smooth Sailing
  • Account level: Basic, Paid and Plus. For some reason I can't change the ad placement to vertical or between entries and I think this is a constant problem. Keep it in mind if you are a Plus user! (or if you are viewing your journal logged out.)
  • Tested on: IE (8 and higher), Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
    NOTE: Ads in Internet Explorer break a little the layout if they are horizontally placed (and that's the only way it seems you can place them when you are using Smoth Sailing) and there's an ugly little gap between the header and the content. Otherwise, the layout works just fine.


Please upload the images to your own server. Thanks.
Icons: Splashyfish
Flower vectors: DragonArtz
Body background:
Content background:
Entry flowers:
Buttons background:
Blockquote background:

User, community, locked/protected icons:

Pride & Prejudice icon in the live preview made by me. Find it here.


  1. Choose a Smooth Sailing layout
  2. Under "3. Choose a Page Setup" choose "2 Column (sidebar on left)" and apply the layout
  3. Go to the customize main page and, under "Additional Options", choose "no" in "Wrap Entry text under userinfo" line. Save
  4. Go to the Custom CSS page
  5. Select NO in the dropdowns
  6. Leave "Custom External Stylesheet" empty
  7. Paste the CSS that I give you in the "Custom Stylesheet" box. Save your changes.
  • Make changes if you know how (but still credit me!)
  • Ask if you have doubts, I'll try to answer asap

NEW EXTRA STUFF that I just found about when finishing this layout:

The navigation strip has changed. I dont' use it so I just discovered it when I uploaded this layout to my testing comm. Please, if you use it and it's acting funny because of the styles I gave to it, let me know (or get rid of all the code under the /*****NEW CONTROLSTRIP****/ flag. I think it looks pretty even without matching colors and all.)


  • Credit mentahelada if you use. Please don't credit mintyapple, please change the credit you have in your userinfo. Thanks!
  • Comment if you like / if you take

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This is incredibly cute. ♥

awww how cute! turtles ♥

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry about your grandfather.

I love turtles and this is incredibly cute!

This is soooo sweeeeet!

I'm sorry for your loss, it's always so hard to meet with.


and i'm sorry for your loss, but glad to hear you are doing better. <3

I really like it. I bookmarked it for when I'm ready to change layouts. Thanks. Of course credit will be due. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. I hope you are truly beginning to heal. Not that it's any of my business.

Condolences *sends hearts your way*

OMG OMG OMG THE TURTLES ARE HERE!!!! Thanks for making the turtles layout!!!!! I ♥ YOU! I am going to use it....... some place!! XD I will show you soon! :) Thanks!!!!!!!!

OK!! I use it here turtles4sale which is the place I sell my items... I need to make the font smaller on the sidebar. And the "header / menu" ... I don't know... que huevos

Ok I fixed it.... the easy way! I changed the font. And the top part, I had to make the words shorter. I think if they are too long, then it makes a page break, due to set width. Looks good now!

Ok, I forgot to add in the instructions that you need to use short words on the header! XD
I was going to send you a direct message about this layout... I think I'm still going to send it to you, just wait a sec. :D

(The layout is perfect for your comm btw!!)

I use this. It's cutee~ XD

Best layout ever.

*hugs to you*

Hi, I've been using this layout for a while now, and absolutely love it. However, I've ran into a problem and I didn't find anything in the FAQ about this. My problem is that comment threads don't display correctly. The first few are okay, but then the layout just cuts part of them off, because obviously, as they shift more and more to the side, they run out of space. I wonder if it is a general issue or maybe due to the fact that I use a netbook and my screen is small, but it's been bugging me and I can't fix it on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This layout is ADORABLE. I'm using it for few communities of mine with slightly modified codes/colours and an alternate header. :) Crediting you happily of course. Thanks!!

It's cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.I will use it.Thanks ^^

This is way too cute to ignore. Used and credited!

This is SO CUTE. Using and crediting!

That is so cute! Using, thank you! :)

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